Corporate Meeting | April

“Keep your eye in the star, and your feet on the ground, let’s achieve success by raising people!”

We have wrapped up our April DCOM Monthly Corporate Meeting Update with an inspired update for all our DCOM Consultants , Partners & Shareholders.

This meeting was participated by almost 80 DCOM Consultants throughout different states and countries through ZOOM and DCOM HQ. It was a very important and meaningful session where we are able to get updates, gather, and even understand the progress status on our believe “DCOM”

Thank you, DCOMmers for your initiative and attendance.

At last, just want to say again

“Achieving success, by raising people!”

Also hereby again Congratulation to all of our TOP Download Award Winners! Lets keep your heats and keep pushing. Let Achieving Success by Raising People!

Also never Forget our April 2021 OutStanding Business Merchant!

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